Best Window Cleaning Guide to Retaining Customers

Window cleaners are the unsung heroes of the business world. They often go unnoticed but are an important part of keeping a business looking clean and professional. In order to keep your customers, it’s important to be courteous, professional, and timely. Here are a few tips for being the best window cleaning company and keeping your customers happy!

1. Arriving on Time: Being late is a major offense for window cleaners and can seriously turn your customers off of you. Show up to every job at least ten minutes early and try not to be more than five minutes late, if possible. If it’s going to be an unavoidable situation (such as bad traffic or unexpected detours), call the customer beforehand and let them know about your delay.

Using Water Fed Pole to Clean Windows Madison WI

Using Water Fed Pole to Clean Windows Madison WI

2. Making Your Customers Feel Special: A smile goes a long way! Act like this is the only job you have all day; after all, it is. Don’t answer your cell phone or speed through the job so that you can get somewhere else faster. Take time to hear what each customer says and respect their wishes. Make them feel special and you will have a customer for life.

3. Be Creative: Window cleaning are by far the most varied when it comes to solutions and products needed. You can’t just use one bucket of soapy water or one squeegee, that gets old fast! Try out different techniques; even get creative with your mops. If you need to pour some cleaner into a spray bottle because your client’s windows are really high up, do it! It’ll make the job easier (and safer) for both you and them. Showing initiative like this is sure to make your customers smile – or even praise you on Facebook!

4. Cleaning More Than Just Windows: Don’t forget about other parts of your customer’s business. Sweep the sidewalks and wipe down picnic tables before you leave. Ask them where they keep their garbage cans so that you can clean those as well. If your customer keeps up with this service, they’ll love you for it!

5. Saying Thanks: When the job is done, shake your customer’s hands and thank them for letting you work in their building/office/home. Be sure to let them know that if anything comes up or they need anything else cleaned, just give you a call and you’ll be there within 24 hours – or earlier depending on availability and weather conditions.

6. Taking Care of Your Tools: Sometimes we forget about our tools because we’re used to using them every day, but remember that your customers are paying for quality work. Keep your tools in excellent shape so that you don’t have to replace them every few months, which will keep the cost of your services lower. Make sure all ladders are secure before you start cleaning windows and always take proper precautions when using dangerous equipment like blowers or chemicals that can stain marble or aluminum siding.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning

7. Weather Conditions: Yes, weather conditions are very important because if it’s too rainy, windy, cold, etc., it makes the job much harder and more dangerous! Try not to ever go out if there is lightning – even if you’re almost done with the job – this could be very dangerous for both you and the standing near a window! If the weather becomes a real problem, be sure to call your customer and let them know that you’ll have to reschedule for another day.

8. Safety First: This is the most important one of all! Never go out on a job if you’re sick or tired – this could lead to serious accidents and injuries. Make sure your ladder will support your weight before using it. Also, just because you can stand safely does not mean that someone else can so keep kids and pets away from ladders at all times!

Window cleaning customers are an important part of any business. As a professional window cleaner, it is essential to remember the basics of customer retention in order to maintain a successful and growing business. By arriving on time, making your customers experience special, being creative, going above and beyond, saying thank you, and taking proper care of your customers, you can ensure that they will be happy with your services and continue using them for years to come. Proper communication is also key in retaining customers; keeping them up-to-date on the progress of their job and addressing any concerns or questions they may have helps to create a positive relationship.

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