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Guaranteed Estimate in 3 Days

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Guaranteed Estimate in 3 Days

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Clients Coming? Remember… Impressions Matter!

We started in 2018 as a small residential window cleaning company and with the help of a multi million dollar windo washing company we are on our way to evolving into a full service commercial project provider of any size with the knowledge and expertise to do the job right time after time. Our safety trained teams are experienced with boom and articulating lifts, rappelling work, and water-fed poles where needed to make sure the job is accessed properly for quality results.

Window Cleaning

Having Beautiful, Sparkling, Clean Windows Really Is Possible

Windows and ledges are the first thing the customer experiences when they enter your establishment. We will solve this issue by making you look your best. Potential customers do notice dirty windows. The way your business is perceived makes all the difference if the customer walks in or walks by. We create an atmosphere that allows your business to be inviting to the public. Turn to Wash Our Windows Wisconsin to safely, economically, effectively, and reliably make your storefront, office, or restaurant shine.

Storefront windows are usually in stand-alone retail stores, in small or large shopping centers or inside malls. We understand how important a first impression is and how critical it is getting foot traffic to enter your store. Every little bit helps, and that includes clean windows and ledges, inside and out. We work to do the absolute best job every single time we clean your storefront windows. You will see a difference, we promise. Also, don’t forget your mirrors or showcases. We can do those for you too.
Wash Our Windows Wisconsin cleans countless restaurants in the region and we do them well and we would be proud to have the opportunity to count you among those accounts. When restaurant windows are properly maintained inside and out, people subconsciously and consciously like the experience. Don’t ever let dirty windows and ledges keep your customers away. Our regimented frequency schedule keeps this task on auto pilot forever. No need to call us up…we show up automatically. Our flexible scheduling allows us to arrive at specific times during the day, as to avoid any rushes and to ensure no distractions to your patrons while they are enjoying their meal. What a solution!! Oh, and don’t forget, we can clean your display glass and mirrors and make them sparkle too. There is no second chance at a first impression.
We understand that in your industry image is everything. You only sell the best automobiles on the market, so why not hire the best window cleaners available? That’s what you will get with Wash Our Windows Wisconsin. We have the expertise and know how to handle your entire dealership’s window cleaning needs. What’s the point of having such a large, beautiful show room packed with top of the line vehicles if customers can’t see in to admire them? Keep those windows clean and those cars moving. Rest assured you are making the best decision when contracting with us. We service many automobile dealerships in WI and we thank you in advance for considering us and look forward to a long working relationship.
Wash Our Windows Wisconsin has the equipment and experienced crews to do complete exterior cleaning for office buildings, commercial buildings, schools, entire shopping centers, and medical complexes, hotels, and airports too and we have experience with every one of them. Our services include window cleaning, both exterior and interior, pressure washing, and commercial grade gutter cleaning and polishing. Our experience includes dozens and dozens of buildings cleaned annually.
Window cleaning service is delicate work that requires the customer to find only the best service providers. High rise windows are tricky in that it is never easy to get up there because of the heights involved. It is therefore not advisable for an owner to attempt to clean their own windows if they do not have the experience or for an owner to hire just any company solely on price alone. A professional knows how to navigate these heights with skill, and is therefore the most appropriate person to take on such an assignment. In addition to that, specialist cleaners have protective gear and highly sophisticated equipment and come with experience.

We use state-of-the-art equipment coupled with thoroughly trained technicians with a critical eye to detail to accomplish it. Our professional staff is highly trained, extremely careful, conscientious, and work with a smile.

  1. Will they open each window and clean your sills and tracks? Most window washers never open the windows.
  2. Do they actually scrub your screens instead of just wiping them off? It makes no sense to have clean glass and dirty screens.
  3. Do they look professional and are they in company uniforms? If they’re not willing to invest in looking professional, then they’re in this for the short term.
  4. Ask for plenty of references along with phone numbers. A reputable window washing company should be glad to provide them to you.
  5. Are they insured and bonded, and do they carry workers’ compensation? Things happen. You need to be fully protected in case of unforeseen situations.
  6. Do they use poles or ladders? You can’t wash a window (in most cases) from a distance using a pole. We own 5 different size ladders including a 60′ waterfed pole, so we’ll be able to access every single window. We can reach it.
  7. Can you trust them in your home? Wash Our Windows Wisconsin professional window cleaners are permanent employees who have been through a full background check and are subject to random drug testing. We would never allow someone to come to your home that we would not be comfortable servicing in our own home. We do everything possible to ensure your security and confidence in our employees.

Wash Our Windows Wisconsin services are competitively priced and our estimates are calculated by the pane for our window washing service. We routinely check the marketplace to be sure our prices are lower or at most, right in line with reputable insured competing companies. No surprises.

We truly believe in providing an excellent service at a fair price. Sure you can find window washers out there willing to clean your windows at cut-rate, cheap prices. There are a lot of part-timers in this business, so be careful because after all, you generally get what you pay for.

It’s best to give us a call for a written estimate, so you’ll know exactly what it would cost to clean the windows at your home, but we’ve outlined some general pricing information below.

The very first time you employ our window washing team, it is strongly recommended that you have your windows professionally cleaned both inside and out, however, if you prefer, we will do just the outside with or without the screens. We try to accommodate each and every single person with the ultimate goal of gaining another satisfied customer.

  • Please open/raise all window treatments and blinds if applicable.
  • Please remove all knick-knacks/valuables from window sills or other areas where we will be working.
  • Please do your best to move furniture, curtains, and plants away from the windows. This includes obstacles on decks, porches, and sunrooms too.
  • If you need help moving some items we would be glad to help.
  • Please unlock all security doors/storm windows/screens if applicable.
  • Please turn off your security system.
  • To ensure our cleaner’s safety, please keep your pets with you or in a safe designated area during our visit to your home.
  • We use only the best tools and solutions to give you the cleanest windows possible.
  • We begin by scrubbing your windows with a soft ‘wand’ wet with our cleaning solution. Our solution leaves no haze and is safe for window tinting.
  • Next, we use a channeled rubber squeegee attached to a handle and work our magic, removing all the dirt and solution.
  • Then, we towel dry the frames followed by detailing the glass with a separate micro fiber towel.
  • When necessary, we use a glass specific scraper on the wet glass to remove paint, tape, or other debris.
  • When finished, we get your approval so you can sit back and enjoy your sparkling clean windows.

Glass Restoration

Restore your glass, don’t replace it.

Does your sprinkler system spray your glass? Do you see scratches on your windows when the sun passes over? Glass scratches and hard water stains are numerous and can occur at any point during the life of a window. The use of high quality industrial grade cleaning agents and professional know how can save you 40% to 60% over the cost of glass replacement, while maintaining the structural integrity of the surrounding window frames and sills. Wash Our Windows Wisconsin can help eliminate or reduce the appearance of:

  • sprinkles spots
  • hard water spots
  • stains & graffiti
  • mineral and calcium deposits
  • building runoff
  • pollution

We guarantee flawless window restoration, free of scratches, haziness or deposits at a fraction of the replacement cost.

What types of damage can occur to the glass surface?
Glass can be severely damaged from water. Water being overspray from lawn sprinklers or water run down from precast concrete buildings can cause hard water spots that are very difficult to remove.

Damage is also very common from inexperienced window cleaners trying to remove hard water spots. Know the acids and chemicals you are using before you cause more damage than you started with. Tin Etch Haze is one common result of using the wrong acid on float glass.

Do you offer a service to remove the moisture between my insulated glass windows?
No, we do not and do not recommend this service. The moisture can be removed, but may come back and the integrity of the window is already damaged and should be replaced.

What are the most common causes of scratched glass?
Construction workers putting tools on windows, plasterers, wiping plaster off glass, painters and texture crews dry scraping glass, untrained window cleaners removing construction debris from glass, and defective tempered glass can all result in scratched glass. The construction industry is a very common place to find scratching of glass. Protection is becoming more popular in recent years, but some builders still have to learn the hard way from their plasters, brick layers and welders. Also, in recent years there has been a major scratching problem on new houses and buildings, which is a result of poor quality heat-treated glass, commonly called ‘defective tempered glass’.

Do metal scrapers or razor blades scratch glass?
No. Metal scrapers and razor blades alone will not scratch glass. However, abrasive materials, such as sand or fabricating debris from the tempering process, trapped by a metal scraper or razor blade, can scratch glass.

Can scratches be taken out of glass? Does it matter if it is tempered?
Yes. Most single scratches can be removed from glass. It’s very difficult to remove scratches over the entire surface of defective tempered glass. If attempted, glass distortion may result.

Can chips be removed from glass?
Yes, but we do not recommend that practice. Removing chips requires the removal of significant amounts of glass and often results in severe glass distortion.

How deep of a scratch can be removed from glass?
A scratch you can catch your finger nail in can usually be removed. Scratches much deeper than this might result in glass distortion.

Can acid graffiti be removed from glass?
Yes. With the proper equipment, most acid graffiti can be removed from glass without any distortion.

Are there any risks of glass dust or contaminants in the area of the restoration?
Restoration systems that use dry abrasive disc to remove glass damage will create glass dust, which can be very dangerous to operator and the surrounding area. Most companies use dust masks or respirators to protect the technicians.

What is your warranty for the restoration performed?
We offer our clients a satisfaction guarantee warranty on every job we restore.

Can I always expect distortion free results?
Most damage can be removed with distortion free results but not always. When extreme damage needs to be removed, that might result in some surface distortion. The amount of distortion will depend on the type and amount of surface damage. We will inform the client prior to any work being started, if there might be noticeable distortion as a result of severe damage to the glass surface. The client can make an educated decision at that time, if they want to proceed with glass restoration or replace the glass.

Will the restoration make the window look like new again?
Most glass restoration will result in like new results. Again, this will always depend upon the type and depth of damage being removed from the glass surface. Talk to your technician before any restoration is started. This way you will have an expectation of the results before signing any contract.

Can you perform a free test area on my window?
We offer free glass restoration demonstrations on large jobs only. This will guarantee the client will know what to expect from our services, how long it might take and if they will be satisfied with the results, before they commit to signing a large glass restoration contract.

What type of glass can be restored?
All types of glass can be restored. Annealed, tempered, heat-strengthen, mirrors and laminated.

Can you take scratches out of tempered glass?
Scratches can be taken out of all tempered glass. Tempered glass is much stronger and can withstand much more stress during the restoration than annealed or laminated.

Can you take scratches out of low-E coated glass?
Low-e coated glass comes in two major types. A hard coat and a soft coat. Hard coat low-e coatings can be located on the exterior surface of the glass, which might be the surface the damage is located or opposite the coating. If the damage is located on the coated surface, you cannot remove the damage without removing the coating. There are many new coatings coming onto the market these days and you should check with your glass supplier to see if there is any coating on the surface being restored. If there is, I would not suggest restoring the glass.

How does scratch removal work?
To remove scratches or acid etching from glass, you must lower the surface of the glass to remove the damage. It would be the same for sanding out a scratch in a wooden coffee table. The trick is to remove no more glass substrate than necessary to remove the damage and blend out the area while performing the restoration to avoid any unnecessary distortion.

Can any damage be removed from glass?
Generally, most scratch or acid damage can be removed. It’s more a matter of, does the glass have a coating on the damaged surface, how long it will take, how much the client is willing to spend, will it be cost effective and will the amount of distortion be unacceptable.

Example: If you have a small window with widespread damage that is very deep. It might be better to replace the glass. If the glass has very deep chips, such as you would see around welding and iron grinding, that glass will almost always needs to be replaced.

Can the glass be protected from future Graffiti damage?
The client can have Anti-Graffiti film applied to the glass once its restored to its original condition. This is a small investment to protect your glass from future vandals. Most graffiti film will not be affected by paints or acid etching, but always double check to make sure.

What does it cost to remove a scratch?
Expect to pay anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00 per hour. Travel and difficulty in getting to the glass damage would also enter into the restoration price and how fast it could be completed.

Should I expect to get an estimate for the restoration job before I hire a company?
You should always get an estimate and request a demonstration if it’s going to be a big job. Make sure the company can perform the restoration to your expectations and at a reasonable price.

What can you expect to save with restoring the glass over replacing it?
You should expect to save half the replacement cost and it’s not unusual to save more. It all depends on the severity of the damage, signage to be replaced, type of glass and time saved to resolve the issue.

What is the process in restoring damaged glass?
Restoring glass is all about lowering the surface to remove the damage. Depending on how severe the damage is, the correct procedure should accomplish the goal. Light scratches can be polished out, deeper scratching would take slight grinding followed up with polishing.

Extensive damage will take a more aggressive approach, which comes with risks of glass breakage, surface distortion and unsatisfactory results. Again, glass is a very unforgiving substrate and will show any mistakes that are made during the restoration process. Some restoration mistakes can be corrected, but some, especially surface distortion are fatal mistakes and most cannot be fixed.

How close to the edge of the glass can scratches be removed?
It used to be around 1″ from the edge could be removed, but in recent developments, you can get as close as 1/2″ in some cases. The challenge is in the corners, but rarely are there scratches in the corner. The client will have to decide if enough scratch damage can be removed or would they rather pay for a new window at a higher price.

Can tinted glass be restored?
Tinted (not surface tint) glass is no different to restore than clear glass. Tinted glass will show more dullness and take a little more time to restore, but yes, tinted glass can be restored.

Does restoring glass weaken the glass?
No. Removing the scratch damage actually makes the glass pane stronger. The scratch in the glass makes the pane weaker in that area and is more susceptible to fracture if pressure is applied to the damaged area. The depth of the scratch would reflect the possibility of breakage. Glass cutters are used to score (scratch) glass before “snapping”.

What type of guarantee should I get with any glass restoration?
The client should be 100% satisfied with the restoration of their glass. That is not to say it is possible to restore every window like new. But, the client should be told up front and before any restoration is started, what can be expected. No surprises.

Do you charge for estimates?
We do not charge for estimates within our immediate area. Restoration estimates outside that area can still be given if the job is large enough to justify the travel cost. Projects out of town will be assessed a travel fee, but if the job is large enough and we are contracted to perform the restoration, the fee will be waived.

Are you insured?
We maintain full general liability insurance, workmen’s compensation insurance on all our technicians, and have full coverage on all our company vehicles.

Can you see any visible marks on a window that has been restored.
Sometimes, but normally not. There should be hardly any evidence to show the window was damaged, if the glass restoration was performed by a qualified technician, performed correctly and with the proper equipment.

Is the glass restored onsite, without having to remove it from the window?
Glass restoration is always done on site and never removed. If the glass needs to be removed in a building, it would probably be cheaper to just replace it.

Pressure Washing

We Will Exceed Your Expectations

How will your customers or residents view your property? A clean, well maintained exterior is vital to making sure your customers or residents first impressions are good ones! Customers and residents will feel safer in an environment that is inviting and clean.

Keeping your business or property looking it’s best is one of the most important things that you can do. When it comes to commercial pressure washing service, you can count on Wash Our Windows Wisconsin to get the job done right.

Eradicate mildew and maintain looks and safety with our commercial pressure washing services
If your business is suffering from an overabundance of mold, mildew, algae, and other slimy and grimy substances, as well as dirty looks and unseeming care of your property, you could use the services of an experienced commercial pressure washer. Contrary to what you might think, effective commercial pressure washing can’t be done by just anyone with a pressure washer.

Wash Our Windows Wisconsin has tons of experience in pressure washing. We know how to help you maintain the look of your commercial property, while keeping all those who work and visit your property safe from possible slips, falls, and extraneous spray.

  • Preventative maintenance can save you money on future costly repairs
  • Curb appeal can add value to your home
  • Remove mold for the health and safety of those who live in your home or visit your home
  • Pressure washing treatments for a house and wooden decks or piers can last one to two years depending on the setting and elements.
  • We recommend that driveways and sidewalks be pressure washed annually to keep them looking clean and bright.

Professional pressure washing services will become important to you as your home ages because you will occasionally want to knock off the dirt, mold and mildew around your home to not only preserve the look but also to keep it from prematurely aging. Often times the best feature of pressure washing is the WOW! effect created when it’s all clean. Most people never knew just how dirty something was until they see it clean again. But how do you know who is a good contractor to hire for your home and who you should stay away from? Here are some easy tips to insure you find the right pressure washing service to trust while at your home.

  1. Do they look professional and are they in company uniforms? If they’re not willing to invest in looking professional, then they’re probably in this for the short term.
  2. Ask for plenty of references along with phone numbers. A reputable company should be glad to provide them to you.
  3. Are they insured and bonded, and do they carry workers’ compensation? Many companies don’t. Things happen. Accidents happen. You need to be fully protected in case of unforeseen situations. See our insurance documents here.
  4. Do they wet your bushes, flowers, plants and trees before they start your house wash, then repeatedly rinse during and after the job to protect all of your vegetation? Many pressure washers don’t, saving time, ultimately hoping for the best.
  5. Do they put your patio furniture back after pressure washing your veranda, deck or patio?
  6. Do they quick rinse your windows and screens if performing a house wash? A quick rinse will help remove soap and cleaning residue, but is not an actual window wash.
  7. Can you trust them in your home? Wash Our Windows Wisconsin professional cleaners are permanent employees who have been through a full background check and are subject to random drug testing. We would never allow someone to come to your home that we would not be comfortable servicing in our own home. We do everything possible to ensure your security and confidence in our employees.
  8. What kind of work do they do? Look for before and after pictures, and videos of their work. In this day and age of technology, it is easy for almost anyone to take pictures and make videos of work they did for clients. Especially in pressure washing where a “before and after” photo can often be dramatic and has the ability to completely change the look of an area cleaned. You will want to see the type of work they have done in the past.
  9. Do they use specialized equipment? If a company has been pressure washing for any length of time, then they probably have invested thousands of dollars in their equipment and will happily show you that nozzle, surface cleaner, extension wand, or do a demo at your home. Just ask them about it and you’ll most likely get more info than you wanted to know, but will also be sure you found the right person.
  10. Anyone who does good business will have tons of client testimonials to show you from the local area. Don’t be afraid to call some of these people and ask how the service really went for them. You will easily get a feel for the communication, professionalism, and attention to detail of the pressure washing service (or any of their services) after just a few minutes of speaking with their clients.

Wash Our Windows Wisconsin services are competitively priced and our estimates are calculated by the square footage of said surface or by the linear foot depending on what is quoted. The number is multiplied by ‘x’ cents to determine price. The ‘x’ cents is variable as it also depends on the complexity and dirt of surface to be cleaned. We routinely check the marketplace to be sure our prices are lower or at most, right in line with reputable insured competing companies.

  • Please close and lock all windows.
  • Please make sure all screens are intact.
  • Move or remove any items from exterior of house you feel is appropriate whether for safety of technicians or safety of items.
  • If you need help moving some items we would be glad to help.
  • Please securely shut all doors including garage doors, storm doors, screen doors.
  • Clear driveway as much as possible for our technician’s equipment convenience.
  • To ensure our cleaner’s safety, please keep your pets with you or in a safe designated area during our visit to your home.

Holiday Lighting & Displays

Let us turn your commercial property into a holiday wonderland this holiday season.

It has been proven over the years that businesses that are decked out in professionally installed, attractive holiday lighting and displays receive back a huge return on their investment.

Here are some great reasons to light up and decorate your business location:

  • Greatly encourages customers’ holiday shopping mood
  • Makes you stand out from competition
  • Substantial increase in foot traffic
  • Lifts the spirits of employees, which creates a better shopping environment

Put your customers and employees in a more festive mood. Let us help you make this the most enjoyable holiday season it can be. We offer a large variety of options for business looking to accentuate their property with spectacular festive decor. For exterior lighting we offer roof line, windows, large facades, trees, shrubs, entrances and more.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a Christmas or Holiday light installation professional!
Following is what to expect from your experience with Wash Our Windows Wisconsin World Class Holiday Lighting Division.

  • Our LED Lights have a 100,000 Hour Life Span & Reduce Energy Consumption by 90%.
  • They Produce Almost No Heat, making them Safe & Energy Efficient
  • Our Service Experts will transform your shopping center, strip mall, city block, hotel, or other commercial facility into a warm, festive and welcoming holiday atmosphere. We will be happy to provide you with a W-9 as well as any insurance certificates that you may require.
  • September Install Schedule Dates qualify for a $200 early bird discount.
How does the service process work?
Our service experts create a lighting design, safely and efficiently install the lighting, maintain them, remove them at the end of the season, and store them until the next year.

How much does it cost to install the lights?
At Wash Our Windows Wisconsin you are paying for affordable, yet reliable World Class Service. Every project is different depending on the size of the house or commercial property. Every design is unique, and all our estimates are provided free with no-obligation. You will not be shocked by the price, but you do get what you pay for.

Do you accept credit cards, cash or check?
Yes, we accept all of the above including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Payment is made up-front before installation.

I have my own lights, can you install them for me?
Not normally, but we do make exceptions from time to time. However, we cannot make any guarantees about lights or hardware that we have not provided. We use and install our own sourced commercial lights of the highest quality for safety reasons and the uniqueness of our designs. If you have a special request you wish to incorporate in your design plan, please let us know.

Do I own the lights you install?
Although we sometimes make exceptions and install lights customers have purchased in previous years, the advantage of hiring Wash Our Windows Wisconsin for our ALL INCLUSIVE holiday decorating, is we supply the lights which means you are protected by our “Perfect Until The Day Before Christmas Eve Guarantee”. We inventory and can repair any lights we supply. Unfortunately with store bought lights they are normally lower quality, and do not have modular parts that can be removed and repaired. We cannot warranty or offer our workmanship guarantee on anything that we do not supply.

Can I store the lights?
No, Wash Our Windows Wisconsin maintains and safely stores all materials offsite to ensure materials are always in pristine condition.

When does your install season begin?
We install lights year around for any holiday or event. We begin installing lights as early as September 1 for the Christmas season, but we won’t power them up until you say so. We will return to plug them in if needed. We get extra super busy for the Christmas season, so please plan ahead. We install right up until a couple days before Christmas!

How long do I have to wait to get my estimate and lights installed?
It all depends on how busy we are. Christmas comes quick. The earlier in the season you call, the faster we can usually get you an estimate and schedule the install. In most cases, it is within 24 hours to get you an estimate.

How long does it take to actually install the holiday lights?
Actual install duration depends on how many lights and decorations you want installed.

When do you take the holiday lights down?
We begin taking down Christmas lights the during the month of January if customers are ready and weather allows. Some years we have to wait a bit longer because of the amount of snow and ice on roofs and gutters.

Our Customers

Remember… First Impressions Do Matter!

You Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed for 5 Days!

None of our competitors offer a guarantee this strong. If you find any marks on the glass caused by the rain, we will come back. Simple as that.

Your windows are guaranteed to look great in any kind of weather. Whether it’s 90 degrees and sunny or it rains during or after your window cleaning service is completed, you can rest assured that your windows will look great! If for any reason you are not pleased, let us know and we will make it right. Please contact us within 14 days of your window cleaning service if your windows get dirty because of the rain, so that we can promptly address your concern. We feel as comfortable with this as we do with any other guarantee. Why? We’ve never once been called back because rain ruined our work! Every time we’ve followed up with customers they were amazed how clean their windows stayed, even after it rained!

Call Us Today For A Free Quote

Have a business that needs cleaner windows? Call us about our low to mid-rise commercial, window cleaning services.

At Wash Our Windows Wisconsin, we’re happy to customize our services to fit any schedule or budget.
No window cleaning job is too big or too small, so please give us a call! You’ll be glad you did.

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