Make the Most of Your Magnetic Window Cleaner

A magnetic window cleaner can be a great way to clean your windows without having to use any type of cleaning chemicals. This is a great option if you have pets or children, as it is completely safe for them to be around. All you need is a bucket of water and the cleaner, which will attach to the window with magnets and allow you to easily wipe away all the dirt and grime.

Here are a few great uses for your magnetic window cleaner:

  1. You can use it on tools around the shop, such as shovels and saws, to allow you to easily wipe them down. You can then attach the tool to a metal rack with magnets, which will keep it from getting dirty again while stored.

    Magnetic Window Cleaner

    Magnetic Window Cleaner

  2. If you have glass doors on cabinets in your home, you can use this tool to clean between each pane of glass without having to break open the door and get inside of it. This way you don’t have to worry about losing track of how much dirt is still stuck in there.
  3. Your windshield wipers receive a lot of abuse while they are working hard to help you see when it is raining. Use your tool to help wipe off the gunk that accumulates on them after time, which can cause streaking.
  4. When you spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, you’re going to want something that can help remove all the mud and grime from your shoes before coming inside. This is also an excellent way to clean off items around your house or shop that are made of metal so they don’t rust up while sitting idle.

As you can see this product has far more uses than just tidying up windows! When it does so much for so little cost, why would anyone not consider picking one up? You can find them online at many retailers, or by doing a quick search through Amazon.