How Professional Window Cleaners Conquer Difficult to Clean Windows

Professional window cleaners have very tedious and tough tasks that require many tools, time, and energy. It’s usually an afterthought for most homeowners to clean the windows of their house every so often. But professionals know how to conquer difficult to clean windows with ease.

Getting Started

For professionals, it all starts with having the right equipment. Professionals have an arsenal of equipment for different surfaces and situations they might encounter. For example, one professional said he has three types of squeegees depending on what type of window it is – track wood/aluminum windows require one kind of squeegee while standard windows are another kind to avoid scratching or breaking them respectively. While other professionals will use towels or microfiber cloths if they are doing residential windows.

Cleaning high to reach windows Madison WI

Cleaning high to reach windows With Water Fed Pole

Professional Window Washers

Almost every professional will tell you how tedious cleaning stubborn stains is, but for them, it’s just another day in the office. It takes a specific type of person to be able to clean windows professionally – they need to have great attention to detail, strong arms and legs, good balance, speed and stamina, an eye for perfectionism, and endurance. They also need many different tools depending on what type of window they are going to wash.

There are many tricks that professionals use when it comes down to actually cleaning the windows themselves. For example, one trick professional uses are using a squeegee with a cup attached at the end. By doing this he can put more pressure on the window and it’s easier for him to clean the window.

Another professional trick is using a squeegee with two handles so you’ll hold onto one handle at all times while cleaning other parts of the glass. This makes the job less tiring because you don’t have to reach as far, but it also allows you to use your feet for balance rather than just your arms that are getting tired quickly.

But even with tricks, sometimes professionals get stuck with very tough windows – whether they are very dirty or especially spotted. They rely on specific chemicals made for this kind of situation which will easily break down what’s causing problems without harming the glass itself. 

And even with all of this, sometimes there are still windows that professionals just can’t clean no matter how hard they try. Sometimes it’s because the glass is too high up or there are obstructions in their way – like high bushes right next to the window. And unfortunately, some homeowners are unaware of any problem at all and get mad when they see streaks or smudges on their windows.

Don’t be afraid to hire a professional window washer for your dirty windows! They know what tools work best for each type of window and will make sure every inch of that glass shines as it should. After all, you wouldn’t want them working as hard as you cleaning those dirty things now, would you? So save yourself the trouble and hire someone to do it for you.

Window Washing on House Madison WI

Window Washing on House Madison WI

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