Professional Window Cleaning Madison WI

Window cleaning is a tough job that requires a lot of skill and patience. Professional window cleaners have mastered the art of window cleaning and can get the job done quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking to clean your windows like a pro, follow these tips for professional window cleaning Madison WI!

Professional Window Cleaning Tips

Professional Window Cleaning Tips

  1. Invest in a good squeegee and a nylon blade

Begin by making sure you have a quality squeegee and a nylon blade. The best part about the nylon blades is that they are reusable, so you won’t be wasting money on buying new ones every time. Once you’ve found your squeegee, try to wring as much water from the windows as possible before switching to the rubber blade. This will ensure that all of the streaks will be gone when you’re done!

  1. Determine if vinegar or ammonia works better for your glass type

All glass is different, which means some types will work better with different cleaning liquids. Vinegar is great for completely removing streaks, but it can also leave behind small white spots on the glass. If you’re looking for something with less scrubbing power, try using ammonia! Many professional window cleaners swear by this method and find that it works better than just about any other solution on the market.

  1. Invest in a telescoping pole for added leverage and safety

When it comes to larger windows, being able to stand on your toes simply won’t cut it when it comes to reaching all of those tricky spots where grime seems to accumulate over time. By investing in an inexpensive telescoping pole, you can easily clean all of those hard-to-reach spots with much more ease than if you were using a traditional ladder or scaffold. 

  1. Apply cleaner to the blade and wring dry

Before you begin cleaning the window pane, spray your rubber squeegee with a little of your preferred cleaning solution. This will ensure that all of the dirt and grime from within the glass panes will be removed as opposed to just being pushed into one side of the window or another. After you’ve applied your solution to both sides of the blade, leave it there for a few seconds before starting to wipe down your windowpane so that it can do its job!

  1. Don’t forget about corners and edges

When most people think of a “clean” window, they usually picture a square or rectangular pane with straight lines going up each corner and several feet on either side until the edge of the pane. This is how most people think, but they are forgetting about all of the “corner” areas where grime tends to accumulate. By wiping down these areas with a cotton cloth or sponge, you’ll be able to avoid all kinds of icky mold and mildew from growing in those corners later on!

  1. Finish up by wiping down the entire surface again

Just because you’ve cleaned every corner and edge doesn’t mean that your window is completely clean! You need to make sure that you wipe down your entire windowpane one more time using only water and a squeegee right before your final step. Even though cleaning methods like ammonia can give your glass a sparkling look, it’s always best to use plain water in order to ensure that no particles or chemicals are left behind on the surface of your windows.

  1. Rinse and repeat for exterior windows

Exterior windows usually need much more than just a simple wipe down with ammonia every other week. If you own any sort of home or office building, you should consider hiring an outside window cleaning company to come by at least once every few months in order to give all windows an intense deep clean. Using harsh cleaners like ammonia can cause slight etching when used too often, which means that they’ll be able to clean surfaces much better than if you tried doing it yourself!

Professional Window Cleaning Madison WI

Professional Window Cleaning Madison WI

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