Save Time on Your Windows with these Easy Window Cleaning Tips

It’s no surprise that window cleaning are one of the most tedious tasks for homeowners. It can be a big job to tackle and often times it is put off until the windows have become too dirty. Thankfully, there are a few easy steps that you can do each day to keep your windows looking nice and clean without any fuss at all!

To keep your windows from being so dirty, use a squeegee in between cleanings. It only takes a few seconds to swipe a window with a squeegee and can help cut down on the amount of dirt that builds up. Plus it’s much easier than trying to wash every piece of glass in your house! If you’re going to use something instead of a squeegee, try lint-free rags or microfiber cloths. These will make sure no streaks are left behind on your windows when you clean them.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

You don’t always have time after dinner to squeeze in another chore before bedtime, but luckily there is one simple task you can do each night before turning in: wipe down the kitchen sink. Any dirt and grime that has built up during the day tend to sit on the faucet, so wiping it down is a great way to keep your kitchen looking clean. 

If you want to save some money, then try repurposing old clothing into rags for cleaning instead of buying paper towels. Socks, shirts, pants, other simple pieces of clothes can be torn apart and used as cleaning cloths. They’re easy to take with you when you travel or move plus they can cut down on waste if you are trying not to produce too much garbage. There’s no reason to spend money on paper towels when you can get the same result out of an old piece of clothing.

Waxing your floors is a great way to keep them looking nice for longer, but did you know that using certain products can also make cleaning easier? For example, if you use non-sudsing ammonia when mopping your floor then it will be much easier to clean in the future. The suds from regular detergents actually attract dirt and leave behind particles that are harder to remove later. 

Give these tips a try and see how easy they are!