Window Cleaning Tools: What You Really Need 

Window cleaning can be a tedious task-but it doesn’t have to be! With the right tools, you can make short work of this job and have your windows looking sparkling clean in no time. Here’s a list of the window cleaning tools you really need in your arsenal: 

  1. A squeegee-This is probably the most important tool for window cleaning. Make sure you get one with a good rubber blade that will glide easily over the glass. 
  2. Glass cleaner-A good glass cleaner is essential for getting rid of all the dirt, grease and grime that builds up on windows. 
  3. Window scrubber-Use this to get into all the nooks and crannies around your windows and remove all the dirt and grime.

    Window Cleaning Tools

    Window Cleaning Tools

  4. Microfiber cloths-These are great for buffing your windows dry, as they won’t leave any streaks behind. 
  5. An old toothbrush-You can use this to scrub stubborn spots that a cloth or sponge wouldn’t be able to remove. You can even break it down into smaller, more manageable brushes to get into tight corners. 
  6. A squeegee handle-This will help you get a good grip on your squeegee so that your hand doesn’t slip while you are cleaning the windows. 
  7. Ladders-It is always best to clean the exterior of your windows with a ladder, so be sure to have one available. You might also want some sort of protectant on hand in case the ladder ever slips while you are working on your windows. 
  8. Ladder stabilizer-This simple contraption can help keep your ladder in place while you are cleaning windows. 
  9. Rubber gloves-These will help protect your hands from the glass cleaner you are using to clean your windows. You should be able to find some at any grocery or hardware store for very little money.
  10. Sponge-A sponge will help you get stubborn dirt and grime off your windows after they have been cleaned. 

These tools will make the job of cleaning your windows much easier and they won’t cost you a fortune!